Electric Discharge Machining Introduction from Foshan Nanhai BIAN

Mar,04 2023

Electric discharge machining is a technique in machining electrically conductive materials like metal, you may interested in where is it used for? Firstly, let me show you overview knowledge of electric discharge machining technique.


1.What is Electric Discharge Machining(EDM)?
Electrical discharge machining (EDM), also known as spark machining, spark eroding, die sinking, wire burning or wire erosion, is a metal fabrication process whereby a desired shape is obtained by using electrical discharges. 


2.Where is Electric Discharge Machining used for?
EDM is a process to easily machine hard metal material in tight tolerance and it has various types like die sinking EDM(sinker EDM), wire EDM and hole drilling EDM. EDM can create unique and precise characteristics of components for many industries like automotive, medical, industrial, aerospace, etc.

2.1 EDM process used in prototyping projects.
In metal prototyping projects, EDM is a great helping hand to make the characteristics that CNC machining can not reach. Also, it can machine a tiny precision hole on challenging surface like inclined surface even the material is hard. It’s a appropriate process to deal with the projects which required high accuracy of the parts that has done heat treatment, this kind of project is hard to produce by traditional manufacturing process like CNC machining.

2.2 EDM process used in small volume production.
EDM is also a widely use process in small volume production, especially for tool making. As we know the material of production tool is hard, like injection mold and die casting mold, also, they require various precision and complicated parts to support while producing, so EDM is a good choice to produce high precision and fine surface effect for tools.


3.How does BIAN help for EDM process?
At BIAN, EDM precisely cuts through metallic material with an electrode-burning process that removes material and can drill the fine hole. This allows it to slice through thick, thin metals and holes with very high quality surface finishes and tight tolerances. 

(BIAN electric discharge machining ability)                                           (EDM capacity at BIAN)

Our EDM process can achieve a tolerance of ±0.05mm. If your project have some areas where CNC cannot be processed, we will have enough machines to use EDM to pick out the corner immediately to achieve the required structure, to ensure the smooth of production and delivery the parts to you on time.


We own more than30 sets of EDM machines, it provides a great assistance for our CNC machining and tooling manufacturing. Any further projects for EDM, welcome to get a free quote here.