Aluminum Die Casting

Aluminum alloy pressure die casting is anther call for aluminum alloy die casting, is a kind of casting method in which molten alloy liquid is poured into the pressure chamber, the cavity of the steel mold is filled at high speed, and the alloy liquid is solidified under cooling to form a casting part. Die casting is distinguished from other casting methods by high pressure and high speed.

(1)  The liquid metal is filled with the cavity under pressure, and crystallizes and solidifies under higher pressure, the common pressure is 15-100mpa.


(2)  Molten aluminum to be quicly filled in cavity at high speed, usually in 10-50 m/s, some can be more than 80 m/s, (through the gate into the cavity linear velocity – gate speed), so the filling time of liquid metal is very short, about 0.01-0.2 seconds (depending on the size of the casting and different) can be filled cavity. Die casting machine, die casting alloy and die casting die are the three main elements of die casting production. The so-called die casting process is the organic comprehensive use of these three elements, so that the appearance, internal quality, good size in line with the drawing or agreement requirements of qualified castings, and even high quality castings can be produced steadily and rhythmically.


(3) BIAN provide different customization aluminum die casting parts and components for all kinds of industries including LED Lights Housing, Automative Part,  Electronic Part ,   Medical Components, Kitchen Utensils,  Furniture Part,  Architectural /Building Hardware etc. with an annual output of more than 2000molds and countless parts for the above mentioned industries.



(4)  Cast aluminum industry extremely depends on experience and technical strength, so what BIAN DIECAST have ? 

a. More than 10 years of experience in mold design and manufacturing.

b. Experienced mold engineering & technicians technicians and mold manufacturing operators.

c. Mold flow analysis and Mold casting system simulation analysis software: Cast-Designer, etc., continuously optimize the structure of the mold according to the results of mold flow analysis,

d. We have one-stop full set process of your die cast products as well as relatived equiments like CNC Mold Machines, drilling/turning machines, LASER cutting, annealing equipemt, EDM machines, polish machine, Automatic painting line, and full set of testing device like CMM machine, size detector, X-ray detector, salt spray tester and so on. 



(5) Introduction to the liquidity of  BIAN aluminum alloy die casting: 

Fluidity refers to the ability of the alloy liquid to fill the mold. The fluidity determines whether the alloy can cast complex castings. The liquidity of eutectic alloy in aluminum alloy die casting is the best. There are many factors that affect the fluidity, mainly the composition, temperature and solid particles of metal oxides, metal compounds and other pollutants in the alloy liquid, but for BIAN, we will choose the best fluidity material usually like ADC12, a360, A380 or En44300 etc .. According the usage and other features of different final products from our customers.


Why Pick the Best Aluminum Die Casting Manufacturer Now?

Having die-casting aluminum projecting is a manageable errand. Naturally, some research is required to simplify it, and investing is not bad. Of course, it fulfills eligible industrial purposes, as anticipated. It should go through something special and have an immediate coin or bullion. You have to prefer us forever and designs ought to accompany the investments. It will create a superior one and investigate metal dealers’ bullion bars. To meet casting requirements, it ought to make products more flexible forever. For various reasons, it would be helpful if you knew Bian Die Cast, a professional company focusing on high-end casting of die accordingly.


Direct Investment in Aluminum

Naturally, the entire procedure takes a short time to investigate new direct purchase options. As a result, the project should have more options and be able to concentrate on direct casting. It gains exposure to the value of it and takes a complete pledge solution, depending on the aluminum die casting manufacturer. It must adjust to focus on high-end, beneficial solutions. The pass on projecting speculation should remain ongoing and everlastingly incorporate metal sellers. The cycle should go through unambiguous arrangements and put straightforwardly in project requirements. It needs to be practical enough to measure values and used for investing. They change a lot and tend to focus primarily on high-end outcomes.