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We offer one-stop solution for die casting manufacturing

We have all necessary equipments for process of die casting / polishing / burring / drilling / cnc machining / passivation / painting / powder coating
Bian strives to ensure customer satisfaction by providing castings that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. After almost 20 years in die casting, we understand that it’s not one department that gives us the ability to provide quality parts on time.
Aluminum Die Casting

Our die cast parts can be made with a standard or high level of corrosion resistance depending on your application. Our die casting machines range from 180T up to 1250T, we can produce parts with superior quality ready for assembly

Zinc Die Casting

Zinc alloy die-casting is a kind of pressure-casting parts. Zinc alloy die casting is more suitable for more precise products. Our monthly production capacity for zinc alloy die castings is 1 million pieces

Die Casting Tooling

We have more than 20 years of experience in mold design and manufacturing. Bian will provide you Feasibility Analysis, Moud Flow Analysis and Moud Design. We will help you take your product all the way from concept to production

Secondary Operation

For die casting parts with requirements of compact dimensional, functional, or protective coatings, we offer one stop machining for all necessary secondary operations, and we also do finishing.

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Company Profile

Foshan Nanhai BIAN(HK) METAL PRODUCT CO.,LTD. is a comprehensive production enterprise focusing on mold development, die-casting manufacturing, R & D, design, production and sales for a long time. The factory is located in Lishui Town, Foshan City with developed economy and convenient transportation, covering an area of more than 15000 square meters.Founded in 2013, the company is a large-scale aluminum alloy and zinc alloy die-casting enterprise. Since the establishment of the company
Auto Part

Auto Part

Electronic Part

Electronic Part

LED Lighting Housing

LED Lighting Housing

Electronic Part

Electronic Part

LED Lighting Housing

LED Lighting Housing

Medical Components

Medical Components

Why Choose Us

Advanced Manufacturing

Professional design team, More than 20 years of senior project engineer and mold designer. (available: DFM / mold flow analysis / 3D template / feasibility project analysis)

Quick Response

We have a professional talent team with more than 20 years experienced product development engineers and mold engineer, Stable quality, accurate delivery time and good service

Good Service

Participate in the preliminary R & D and design of customers (Senior Project Engineer). Do different feasibility tests based on customer requirements (mold flow analysis / 3D template)

Reliable Quality

Independent laboratory, international advanced inspection instrument. The products have passed ROHS, FDA and EU certification. We are ISO9001 and IATF16949 certified and open for customer audit.


In House Mold Room
molds room
CNC Workshop
cnc workshop
Polishing Workshop
polishing workshop
laser engraving equipment
Surface Treatment
surface treatment
Inspect Center
inspect center
Laser Engraving Equipment
electrical discharge machines
die cast workshop

Our Partner

Bian Die Cast – A Recognized China Die Casting Manufacturer 

Die casting is the most crucial procedure for almost all types of products to give the right shape and finish. From a recognized China die casting manufacturer, you will get the right solutions. Bian Die Casting – an online wing of Foshan Nanhai BIAN (HK) METAL PRODUCT CO., LTD provides you with the right solutions.

We are the leading China die casting manufacturer offering you the best range of casting solutions – providing by using all the necessary equipments for smooth process step-by-step:

* Die Casting

* Polishing

* Burring

* Drilling

* CNC Machining

* Passivation

* Painting

* Powder coating

All key steps are taken into consideration during the casting procedure. You have to mention your details and leave rest of the work on experts working here.

Bian Die Cast is become the trusted source offering you the right solutions for die casting and entire process done in smooth way. Our pool of experts has been working here, who listen to you and provide you with the right solution. From the leading China die casting manufacturer, you will get:

Aluminum Die Casting – Die cast parts can be made with a standard or high level of corrosion resistance that depends on your application. The die casting machines are capable enough to produce parts with superior quality ready for assembly.

Zinc Die CastingIt is based on pressure-casting parts – more suitable varied products.

Die Casting Tooling – We are involved in designing and manufacturing – providing you with feasibility analysis, moud flow analysis, and Moud designs.

Secondary Operation – you will get advanced machines for all secondary operations.

All details are provided to you; while you will get the entire process done in timely manner.

Feel free to contact us for the manufacturing and entire die casting process.

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