What grade of aluminum is used for die cast?

Dec,14 2023

Die casting is a manufacturing process that involves injecting molten metal, typically under high pressure, into a mold cavity. Aluminum die casting commonly uses aluminum alloys with specific properties suitable for the process. The most common aluminum alloy used for die casting is Aluminum Alloy 380. This alloy is known for its excellent castability, mechanical properties, and corrosion resistance.


Aluminum Alloy 380 belongs to the aluminum-silicon family of alloys and typically contains about 8.5-9.5% silicon, 3.0-4.0% copper, 1.0% max iron, 3.0% max zinc, and smaller amounts of other elements. The specific composition may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer and application.



Other aluminum alloys, such as Aluminum Alloy 360, 413, and 518, are also used for die casting, depending on the desired characteristics of the final product. The choice of alloy depends on factors such as the application, mechanical properties required, and cost considerations.