Why is it called a die cast?

Jun,13 2024

The term “die cast” refers to a manufacturing process in which molten metal is forced into a mold cavity under high pressure. The mold, called a “die,” is typically made of two hardened tool steel halves that have been machined into the desired shape. The term “die” in this context originates from the manufacturing and tool-making industry, where a die is a specialized tool used to cut or shape material.


The process is called “die casting” because it involves casting the metal into a die. Here’s a more detailed breakdown of the terminology:


Die: The die is a specialized, precisely machined mold used in the die casting process. It consists of two halves, which when brought together, form a cavity in the shape of the desired part.


Cast: Casting refers to the process of shaping a material, typically metal, by pouring or forcing it into a mold where it solidifies into the desired shape.



Therefore, “die casting” combines these two concepts: casting metal using a die mold. This process is widely used for producing complex metal parts with high precision and excellent surface finishes, such as automotive components, hardware, and various industrial parts.