Who makes die casting mould in China?

Oct,30 2023

China is a major hub for die casting mold production, and there are numerous manufacturers and suppliers in the country. The selection of a specific die casting mold manufacturer in China may depend on your project requirements, budget, and the type of die casting mold you need. Here are some well-known Chinese companies and manufacturers that produce die casting molds:


Foshan Nanhai BIAN(HK) METAL PRODUCT CO.,LTD.: This company is a comprehensive production enterprise focusing on mold development, die-casting manufacturing, R & D, design, production and sales for a long time.


Dynacast (Dongguan) Ltd.: Dynacast is a global manufacturer with a presence in China, offering precision die casting molds and services.


Ningbo Beilun Zontal Die Casting Mould Technology Co., Ltd.: This company focuses on die casting molds for various industries, including automotive and electronics.


Shenzhen Taiming Mould Co., Ltd.: Taiming Mould is known for its die casting molds and plastic injection molds, serving customers from different sectors.


Ningbo Sylue Machine Co., Ltd.: Sylue Machine specializes in die casting molds, CNC machining, and other precision manufacturing services.



Suzhou Shunxing Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.: This company offers die casting mold design and manufacturing services and is located in Suzhou.


Shenzhen Runpeng Precision Hardware Co., Ltd.: Runpeng Precision Hardware is a manufacturer of die casting molds, precision machining, and other related services.


Guangzhou Macho Metal Co., Limited: Macho Metal specializes in die casting molds and products for various industries, including automotive and electronics.


Ningbo Xusheng Machinery Co., Ltd.: Xusheng Machinery provides die casting mold design and manufacturing services, along with precision machining.


Kunshan Pioneer Precision Mould Ltd.: Pioneer Precision Mould offers die casting molds, plastic injection molds, and other precision tooling solutions.


When selecting a die casting mold manufacturer in China, it’s essential to consider factors such as the company’s experience, reputation, the materials they work with (e.g., aluminum, zinc, or other alloys), the types of industries they serve, and their capabilities in terms of design and production. Additionally, it’s advisable to request quotes and samples, and conduct due diligence to ensure that the chosen manufacturer can meet your specific project requirements.