Who makes China aluminum die casting?

May,05 2023

Aluminum die casting is a popular manufacturing process used in various industries. china has become a major player in this industry and exports a significant amount of aluminum die castings worldwide. so who makes china’s aluminum die castings?


There are numerous manufacturers of aluminum die casting in china, both large and small. some of the key players in this industry include:


1. Foshan nanhai Bian Metal Product co., ltd. 

Foshan nanhai Bian Metal Product is one of the largest and most reputable aluminum die casting manufacturers in china. they provide die-casting parts to industries such as automotive, electronics, Led lights housing, Medical Parts and more. the company has full set-of-the-die casting equipment and uses experienced personnel to produce high-quality die-casting products.



2. Fenghua huasheng precision machinery manufacturing co., ltd. 

fenghua huasheng precision machinery manufacturing is another top-rated aluminum die casting manufacturer in china. with over 20 years of experience, they produce a wide range of die casting products for various industries. their offerings range from auto parts to led lighting fixtures.


3. Ningbo beilun hongsheng machinery manufacturing co., ltd. 

ningbo beilun hongsheng machinery manufacturing is a professional aluminum die casting manufacturer that provides custom casting solutions to clients. they are known for their high-precision and complex die casting products, with years of experience in the industry.


Apart from these leading companies, there are many small and medium-sized enterprises that specialize in aluminum die castings. these businesses may offer custom solutions for specific applications and industries.


The aluminum die casting industry in china has grown significantly over the past decade due to the country’s manufacturing capabilities and affordable labor costs. as a result, china now exports a large proportion of its aluminum die castings overseas. the industry offers a range of solutions for different sectors, including aerospace, medical devices, and more.