Who is the casting supplier in China?

Nov,03 2023

China is a major global hub for manufacturing, including casting, and there are numerous casting suppliers and foundries in the country. The specific casting supplier you need will depend on the type of casting, material, and specifications you require. Here are a few well-known casting suppliers and foundry companies in China:


Foshan Nanhai BIAN(HK) METAL PRODUCT CO.,LTD.: This company is a comprehensive production enterprise focusing on mold development, die-casting manufacturing, R & D, design, production and sales for a long time.


Xinxing Ductile Iron Pipes Co., Ltd.: Xinxing is a well-known Chinese foundry specializing in ductile iron castings, including pipes, fittings, and other products.



Ningbo OTTOMMO Casting: OTTOMMO is a foundry in Ningbo, China, that provides casting services for various industries, including automotive, pump and valve, and more.


CFS Foundry: CFS Foundry is a casting supplier in Ningbo, China, offering a range of casting services, including investment casting, sand casting, and die casting.


ChinaSavvy: ChinaSavvy is a company that helps businesses source various manufacturing services in China, including casting. They can assist you in finding suitable casting suppliers based on your specific requirements.


Please keep in mind that there are many casting suppliers and foundries in China, and the choice of supplier should be based on your specific needs, the type of casting, quality requirements, and other factors. It’s essential to conduct thorough research, communicate directly with potential suppliers, and consider factors such as quality, price, lead time, and certifications when selecting a casting supplier in China.