Something important about Bian’s Prototyping

Mar,16 2023

Quality and consistency

The computer is not perfect, but the machine controlled by the computer will often operate as expected unless it crashes. Although many prototyping processes rely on human skills (and are therefore vulnerable to human error), the accuracy of CNC machines following their instructions is less than one millimeter.

The important thing is that they can do it again and again. Although an enterprise may only manufacture one prototype, if necessary, CNC machine tools can run the same operation for the second time with the smallest deviation from the first time. This is very useful for developing new iterations of prototypes and using the same machine for production. (The manual process is very important, but it is easier to ensure the consistency with the automated machine.


Robust material range

If the prototype has no mechanical purpose, it may be suitable for 3D printing. Although 3D printing does not produce high-strength parts, its cost is very low and can be completed in a short time. However, for most 3D printing processes, the range of material selection is narrower than that of machining.

CNC processing not only provides a variety of compatible materials, but also provides some very durable materials, including various metals. Metal can also be used for 3D printing, but low-cost FDM printers cannot be used for 3D printing.


Similar to the final part

Another major advantage of using CNC machining for prototypes is the ability to create prototypes similar to final parts. Because the machining center is fully capable of producing end-use parts and prototypes, it is possible to create prototypes close to the final product – a feat rarely achieved by 3D printing or other methods.