How to judge the quality of a mold?

Feb,22 2023

The quality of a mold is considered to be one of the most frequently mentioned topics that our friends in the mold industry often care about, because the quality of that mold will directly affect the quality, production period, iteration cycle and other vital aspects of our die cast items.


If the mold quality is not up to the standard, it will not only cause the cost of mold loss and replacement, but also the economic and customers resources cost of low efficiency and poor products. So, how to judge the quality of the mold? Come and have a look with Foshan Nanhai Bian Metal Product Co.,ltd.


Identify the quality of the mold mainly through these aspects:

1. Mold product quality; The quality of the mold itself can be reflected by the stability and conformity of the size of the product made by the mold, the surface finish of the product, and the utilization rate of the product material.

2. Service life; Under the premise of ensuring product quality, the number of work cycles that the mold can complete or the number of parts produced.

3. Use and maintenance of molds; Whether it is the most convenient to use, whether it is easy to demould, and whether the auxiliary production time can be as short as possible. The maintenance cost, maintenance periodicity, the length of mold maintenance periodicity and maintenance cost are also included in the assessment of mold quality.


Whenever Foshan Nanhai Bian Metal Product Co.,ltd make & design the molding product provided by customers, their experienced engineers will firstly conduct a comprehensive analysis and inspection with the most advanced moldflow software, then taking into account with the feasibility, material hardness, usages and surface treatment of molding body, as well as the structure and movement, the matching of all relevant components. only by this, their molds can avoid trimming, scrapping and other unnecessary maintenance work caused by product design errors.


 Bian always believe that they even would like to spend a more ten minutes on mold design, instead of letting an error may reduce the production time by one day!